About the Authors

Elise Walmsley-Macwha & Andrew Macwha

Andrew and Elise

Elise and Andrew combine professional strengths to bring you The Will to Heal.Elise brings her medical training and love of art to create medical art and visualization as a way to understand illness and resolve stress and pain. Andrew offers expertise as a facilitator and trainer, along with personal experience to create The Will to Heal techniques and workshops.

For Andrew, the Will to Heal Technique is firmly rooted in
personal experience.

“All my life I suffered from persistent migraines due to a childhood accident. Pain became my everyday norm. I experimented with many treatments and stress reduction methods to try and find relief. Eventually, I asked Elise if she would create some illustrations so that I could visualize what was going on in my body and pinpoint the source of my pain. That was the tipping point for me. I realized that by combining a fundamental knowledge of physiology with a stress-reducing visualization process, I could gain long-lasting control over my pain. Over the next several years, Elise and I refined this process into the components of The Will to Heal.”

About Elise

As a medical illustrator, Elise combines her fascination with medical science and her love of art. Her meticulously detailed illustrations have graced the pages of medical publications worldwide. Elise earned her degree in Bio-Medical Communications from the University of Toronto and studied at the Ontario College of Art.

“I believe that, by understanding how our mind-brain-body connection works, we can have a positive influence over our health and well-being,” says Elise. “I am a researcher at heart and I love the challenge of simplifying this information for people to understand—both visually and descriptively. It’s inspiring to teach people about the beauty and power contained within their bodies.”

About Andrew

Andrew has worked as a facilitator, coach and teacher, leading courses in stress management and creative visualization. He founded TriFocal Communications, a company that specialized in creating educational programs for patients and the medical community. Andrew studied Social Work at Mount Royal College in Calgary.

“I’m excited when people have that “aha” moment,” says Andrew. “They stop reproaching themselves for habitual behaviours and take conscious steps to redirect their intent towards the outcomes they desire. This is very powerful—a self-directed form of behaviour modification that comes from an understanding of basic, uncomplicated science.”

Since 1990, Elise and Andrew have shared a partnership in marriage and business. They live in a small village north of Toronto, Canada with their children. They combine their love of the outdoors with their passion for developing this unique and life changing educational initiative. Elise and Andrew invite you to share in this enlightening journey…through The Will to Heal.