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It’s All About Time…

Posted by Andrew MacWha

Remember playing hide-and-go-seek as a child? Remember being the seeker left counting while all your friends ran off to hide? One Mississippi, two Mississippi, until the agreed-upon count or time allotment was reached. Each Mississippi representing the time that it takes for a second to pass. The passing of time and the passing of a thought are cohesive in the sense that they’re united. Like the word “Mississippi” a thought takes time to be processed, and, like time, the thought will quickly pass.

Our busy minds fill the hours of each day with thousands of thoughts. Some thoughts are reactions to something new, but most are repetitive. Yesterday’s thoughts become tomorrow’s thoughts, while our conscious minds travel from one moment to next.

The point that I want to make clear is that our thoughts, like all things, will pass. We are constantly being challenged to move forward, to advance, as our future becomes our present. Our perceptions of the past, present and future are linear. Our conditioned response to the passage of time encourages and rewards us, if we remain true to the values, beliefs and understandings of those that came before us. Think about this for a moment: 150 years ago, a farmer’s son would grow up to be a farmer as a farmer’s daughter would grow up to marry a farmer’s son. Life for thousands of years was based upon a functional continuum. Societies were built on religious doctrines, hierarchies, caste systems and privilege. Proportionately, few of our ancestors could read or write. Life was indeed linear and rarely questioned. After birth, our programming – meaning the writing of one’s script by external forces – led to the passage of one’s life, often without question.

Look at us now, a species that has changed itself and its environment in the blink of an eye. From an evolutionary perspective, it has taken us a hundred thousand years to learn how to fly. Think about the thoughts that have transpired between the time it took for the Wright brothers’ wood and fiber aircraft to fly, to NASA, with its flying machines – one Mississippi, two Mississippi.

You are a stream of consciousness with an awakened mind that is constantly drawing in information, processing, evaluating, reacting and judging from one second to the next. Take a moment and recognize the power of your thoughts. They govern every aspect of your being. Self-esteem, vision, wellness, your capacity to love and be loved, are all dependent on how you allow your thoughts to interact with your inner dialog.

Think about the stresses and tensions that have passed through your life, the worries that once occupied the precious moments of your life. Everything is moving – including you – as your perceptions change following your moods and circumstances. Being aware of your thoughts puts you in control. At any time you can stop what you are doing and evaluate your thoughts. You can ask yourself, what have been my most predominate thoughts during this past hour? If you have been enjoying your thoughts, good, carry on – if not, you now have an opportunity to change them.

Let me assure you that even the gravest thoughts and feelings, like time, will pass. Let your thoughts pass as you move from one moment to the next. Don’t hang onto problems that upset you. When you feel tense and your mind is occupied with worry or concerns, breathe deeply and use your power to change your thoughts. Time is on your side.

In my next blog I’ll write about the playfulness of thinking.

Now is your moment.

Enjoy your day,

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Very thought provoking... I think at this point in time people need to remember and truly understand is that life is what you make it, it needs to be no more complicated than that. If you have problems bringing you down, smile and remember "The now will soon be gone and with it your fear and doubt. Leaving only hope and happiness for what comes next." Love life friends, for I assure you life loves you...

Posted by Justin on 2011-07-05 17:17:27