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Thinking About Trees

Posted by Andrew MacWha

Concentrate for a moment and imagine a tree. Roots reaching deep into the ground, drawing water and nutrients upwards from the soil, leaf-filled branches, a blue sky and sunshine. I see my tree in my mind’s eye and for that moment, my conscious mind is occupied by what my thoughts have created. Close your eyes for moment and imagine a tree and know for that moment your thoughts are completely engaged. In order to clearly see your tree there can be no other thoughts.

Thoughts by their nature are transitory, one following another, but never two at exactly the same time. Your central nervous system is in constant communication with two worlds, your inner world and the outer world that surrounds you. Your senses draw in information from the external world and bring images, sounds and scents into your conscious mind. Your mind, both consciously and subconsciously, processes all of this information as your perceptions are formed, perceptions that are derived from all that your mind has previously experienced. You are an amalgamation of everything that your senses have perceived from the time of your birth until this moment.

Something as simple as reading the word “tree” sets into motion a multitude of mental activities. Your eyes draw the letters of the word together, as a comparison takes place between the written word and the information that is stored in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has been programmed to associate the shape of each letter into an agreed upon value and meaning. This enables the single shapes of t-r-e-e to be recognized as letters that come together into a grouping that form the word “tree” in your mind, along with its meaning.

We are amazing creatures that have the ability to learn and consciously process what we learn into meaning. The interaction between our conscious and subconscious mind is automatic and almost instantaneous. It is our nature to react and compare the outer world with internal perceptions. This is how we survive. The Will to Heal is all about learning how to be aware of the thoughts that flow though your conscious mind. However the Will to Heal is also about accountability. When your mind is in an awakened state, it is up to you to choose the thoughts that best serve the person that you want to be.

Even in times of despair when pain or sadness, anger or fears dominate your thoughts, shifting your thoughts is still an available option. Drawing in a deep breath and imagining a tree diverts your attention away from the disparaging thoughts. Learning to divert your thoughts from things that you would rather not think takes time and practice. But with practice your thoughts become the thoughts of your choosing.

In my next blog I will discuss the relationship between thoughts and the chemical messengers your body produces.

Breathe deep and enjoy the trees.

Keep well,

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