Here you will find:

• Guided Meditations to Activate Spiritual Consciousness

• Guided Meditations to Relieve Stress

• A Guided Workbook to Relieve Pain 

The guided meditations presented in this series have been developed to help you bring balance into your life. We believe that balance can be achieved and maintained when your spirit’s agenda and your personality’s agenda are both honored. We also believe that by connecting with a basic understanding of your brain and body, you can better control and manage your thoughts and physical responses.

The Will to Heal programs are designed to be used in a safe and comfortable environment.

For your safety and the safety of others never listen to these guided meditations while operating a motor vehicle.

Please respect the light in which these meditations have been created and honor them by retaining them for your personal use. Thank you.

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Centered between the Right and Left


In order to love your life – to find joy and gratitude – you must open your heart and listen to the quite voice that comes into your consciousness from the activities taking place in your right brain.

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Before Your Birth

Before Your Birth is a journey that will connect you with the idea that your spirit participated in the decision that led to your return to the earth plane.

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Matters of the Heart

This guided meditation will take you on a journey that will help you tune into what your heart is trying to tell you. The answer lies in a connection to your heart in this present moment.

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Group Consciousness Rising

Group Consciousness Rising is a journey that will take you to a place where you feel a connection with your heart, and then through this feeling of connectedness, project feelings outward to benefit yourself and others.

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Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is a metaphor that represents the establishment of an alignment between your personal identity and your spiritual energy. The premise of this meditation is based on the understanding that your brain has been conditioned to react to programmed responses.

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Connecting to a Higher Frequency

During this guided meditation, Andrew will take you on a journey where you can explore the origins of your inner dialogue and open up to the higher frequency feelings transmitted through your heart.

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Resolving Stress From the Inside-Out

This guided meditation is designed to empower your everyday conscious experience. You will gain insights as to how to direct your thoughts inward – even for a few moments each day, in order to relax your reactive primitive brain and regulate the chemical messengers associated with stress.

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The Healing Colours of Emotion

In this guided meditation you will become an artist. Through guided imagery you will be presented with two canvases and a pallet of colors to choose from.

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A Guided Workbook to Relieve Pain

Did you know that the most effective pain-killers and anti-depressants are produced in your body? This workbook will take you on a journey that provides you with the understanding and tools to effectively relieve or even eliminate the pain that you are feeling.

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