A changing world is upon us.
Are you willing to change or are you resisting?

Change is apparent. Most of us feel it – we can see the securities that we once trusted are being threatened. Some of us through illness, job loss, or broken homes, have already been forced into change. Change can be frightening, but it doesn’t need to be. We have the internal resources to embrace change without resistance.

Andrew offers a 6-week personalized program (1.5 hour session per week) that will teach you how to tune into your internal resources so that you can embrace and initiate the changes that you wish to make.

Who Would Benefit From This Program?

Anyone who is tired of living the way they have been living – it’s for people caught in the paradox of wanting change but not knowing what changes to initiate – for those seeking balance with the relationship they have with themselves – for anyone that thinks there must be a new way of thinking…

What Will You Learn?

Session 1: In the first session you will gain insights into how your biology (your brain and body) creates what we call consciousness. You will quickly learn to see that you have a choice as to what information occupies your consciousness. You will learn the difference between what is called Ego-Chatter and Frontal Cortex Thinking. We all have two inner voices – one speaks about potential, which is the result of a heightened sense of self–awareness that comes from Frontal Cortex Thinking; while the other voice, Ego-Chatter’s voice, is often filled with fear and resistance. You will learn that you have a choice as to which voice will occupy your consciousness.

Session 2: Survival is your biology’s greatest concern – this innate aspect of your biology is called the biological imperative. From your birth onward, your biological imperative has placed greater importance on experiences that brought you harm rather than on experiences that brought you joy. When it comes to your survival it is not important to remember the feeling of a sunrise, but it is very important to remember anything that can place you in danger. As a result, imprints that contain fear are at the root of most behaviors. Ego-Chatter derives its power through the use of these fear-based imprints. Throughout session 2, Andrew will teach you how to see your underlying fears through the perspective of Frontal Cortex Thinking. It is from this perspective that you will learn how to move past the resistances imposed into your consciousness through fear-based Ego-Chatter.

Session 3: During session 3 Andrew will provide you with an understanding as to how your heart acts as a receptor and transmitter of feelings and emotions. You will learn how to use the electromagnetic frequencies generated by your heart as a guidance system. This form of inner guidance provides you with the calmness of mind required to form a new relationship within yourself that is based on internalized trust, which is necessary in order to maintain Frontal Cortex thought.

Session 4: Coherence is a state of mind that happens when your brain and body are in balance. You are not your brain and body – you are your mind. It is your mind that can bring your brain and body into balance. And it is from balance that your consciousness gains the heightened sense of self–awareness that comes from heart -mind coherence. This almost seems like a riddle – which comes first, the chicken or the egg? For most people coherence is at best, a fleeting feeling that is consciously experienced several times a day, but only for seconds at a time. In this session you will be shown how to recognize and maintain coherence between your heart and mind.

Session 5: In this session we re-examine the biological imperative. We will look at and recalibrate habitual behavioral patterns that restrict your ability to maintain coherence. You’ll replace these patterns with patterns that support self-trust. This session can be challenging because you need to be really honest with yourself. You need to see how your Ego-Chatter distorts your ability to maintain coherence and perpetuates the deceptions that inhibit you from seeing your truth.

Session 6: Left brain – right brain, with the authentic self in the center. You will learn to see consciousness as a precious gift bestowed upon you by your life force. Your brain is a remarkable organ, capable of performing thousands of tasks every second. Your brain contains the hard-drive that feeds your consciousness with your perceptions. The goal of this session is to ensure that you are living your life based upon a consciousness of your choosing, rather than a consciousness based on reaction. Reaction is derived from fear – fear of change can be overwhelming. Love is infused throughout the brain and body, directed by your mind when you are in coherence. When in coherence, there is no fear.

After completing this 6-week program you will:

  • Understand how your brain and body respond to your
    thoughts and how your thoughts respond to your brain and body
  • Feel less stressed
  • Be able to think clearly and control your reactions to external situations
  • Be able to embrace change without fear or unnecessary reaction
  • Be able to understand and improve your relationships with others


About Andrew MacWha

Andrew is an experienced coach, facilitator and certified hypnotherapist. From his early twenties into his mid-thirties, Andrew owned Lightworks, a self-help bookstore in West Edmonton Mall, where he performed thousands of energy readings for his clientele. During this time, Andrew also developed a center called Inner Light Seminars, where he taught workshops that helped people navigate through their life challenges. His experience is wide ranging; from assisting individuals through energy readings to stress-reduction programs for mainstream business professionals.

Upon returning to Ontario in his mid-thirties, Andrew changed careers and followed a business path until recently, when he decided to return to his original career as an intuitive coach. He is also the co-author of the Will to Heal™ Technique, a Workbook to Relieve Pain, with accompanying CDs that teach you how to activate your mind-body connection.  The Will to Heal™ Technique is a culmination of Andrew and his partner Elise’s professional strengths and interests in health, personal growth and human potential.

Andrew brings uniqueness to his coaching by combining his background in social work, psychology and comparative religions with very powerful intuition. He attributes his unique way of seeing to an eye injury at birth. The blindness in his right eye, has given Andrew the ability to see the world without the linear restrictions of his left visual cortex. He is able to read the energy patterns that you emit which shows him the inconsistencies between your innate desires and your programmed responses. While working with you, he uses his remarkable sight and intuition to act as a mirror, reflecting information with great clarity – his insights will confirm to you, what your intuition is trying to tell you. Clients find their experience with Andrew to be very effective. His techniques provide the tools necessary for direct, positive and permanent personal change.

Andrew offers a free half-hour phone consultation for anyone interested in this 6-week program. This time is to ensure compatibility and to define direction and commitment to the goal. Sessions are offered over the phone or in person at his Orillia, or Toronto locations.

For a personalized, completely confidential consultation with Andrew, please call 416-831-5538 or email Andrew at andrew@willtoheal.com.