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The Will to Heal Workshops

The Anatomy of Infusion

Join us one evening a week for 6-weeks and we will take you on a journey into the Science of Spirituality. We believe that science has opened the floodgates into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our souls.

Session 1: Discernment – there are two voices – one is of the brain the other is of the heart. The brain communicates what it has been taught – the heart communicates what the soul has come here to accomplish – our challenge through this human experience is know which voice to serve and when.

Session 2: The Biological Imperative – is a neurological design that has evolved to ensure our survival. It is imperative that you remember the negative over the positive – however the negative need not predominate your conscious experience.

Session 3: Matters of the Heart – the heart’s electrical field is 60 times greater than that of the brain’s and the heart’s magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain – The heart has the ability to read or sense reality with more accuracy then the brain. The heart is not confined or influenced by the learned behaviors resulting from the biological imperative.

Session 4: Coherence – happens once you surrender your fears and trust what your heart is leading you to trust. Two voices – one is concerned with your protection – the other voice has no concern at all, only love – love of life as life is presented from one moment to the next.

Session 5: Mom said - Dad said – there are millions of scripts programmed into your brain – programs feed your conscious experience – most scripts serve you well, however some scripts inhibit your state of coherence – you’ll be shown how to balance the importance of your life’s scripts and release the ones that restrict coherence.

Session 6: The Alchemist Within – throughout the first 5 sessions we introduced you to a number of chemical messengers – your conscious experience is the result of a biochemical composition – The alchemist within understands your scripts and regulates your biology accordingly, which leads you into coherence – coherence – opens up the heart – an open heart overrides the biological imperative – which leads to discerning which voice you wish to serve. A joyful soul is already within you.

Each evening will end with a guided meditation that reinforces the key learning objectives presented throughout the evening’s conversations.

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Moving Beyond Pain

Pain is a complex problem that affects both your body and your mind, often preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Healing your pain, whether it is physical or emotional, can be a learning experience that lifts you out of one way of thinking into another.

Pain travels from its point of origin, the location in your body that hurts, through the neurological pathways of your body until it reaches your brain. Chemical reactions in your brain interrupt your thoughts, as pain becomes a distraction. As you react to pain, your thoughts perpetuate your beliefs regarding pain. Often fighting pain seems to be the best solution, however, fighting increases the level of stress hormones your brain and body produce, which leads to increased pain.

Learning how to embrace pain with your emotions and your thoughts changes the biochemical reaction within your brain and body. By embracing pain - you are no longer fighting pain; as a result, your body will relax and begin to produce a biochemical reaction conducive to healing pain naturally.

Join Andrew MacWha and Elise Walmsley-MacWha, the authors of The Will to Heal™ Technique, as they take you on a journey into your mind and body. Learn how to use your mind-body connection to release your body's natural painkillers and gain control over your pain.

This 8-hour workshop will help you to establish a new way of communicating with yourself. You'll learn to see how your directed thoughts can change the biochemical reactions taking place within your body. The Will to Heal Technique gives you the knowledge, confidence and the skills to relieve your pain naturally.

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The Anatomy of a Joyful Soul

Imagine that your conscious experience is like the flickering flame of a candle blowing in a gentle breeze. Your conscious experience, your perceptions of reality, your awareness, your presence of mind, all flicker as our emotions create moods, happy and sad – focused or scattered – fearful or loving. Our consciousness is a reactive state where two worlds are attempting to converge. One world is the world of your spirit and the other world is the physical world held in the physiology of your brain and body.

Join us as we take you on a journey into the Anatomy of Joyful Soul. This 5-hour program begins by teaching you how the anatomy of your brain processes everything that your senses perceive into the thoughts that become your consciousness.

Using her beautifully detailed medical illustrations, Elise Walmsley will help you to connect with and understand the power of your biology. You will be shown how the most ancient part of your brain – your limbic system, works as a transmitter that sends incoming stimuli to the left and right hemispheres of your brain where it is processed into the thoughts and emotions that occupy your consciousness.

Elise's co-facilitator Andrew MacWha, will bring a spiritual dimension into the workshop. Through the use of visual imagery, Andrew will show you how to tune into your brain and your body's neurological pathways. You will feel a connection become established between the two hemispheres of your brain and your heart.

A Joyful Soul resides within your heart and it is from the heart where you can feel your love and your truth. It is important to know that your fears are learned behaviors held within the neurology of your brain. With an open heart– a different form of navigation will begin to influence your brain chemistry and a power greater than your fear will begin to expand.

Throughout this workshop you will feel a growing, internal connection taking place between your biology and your soul. You'll feel a growing awareness come into your consciousness and you will smile as you feel the presence of your Joyful Soul converging with your heart and your mind.

Imagine that your conscious experience is a steady light burning bright – imagine balance is maintained between the left and the right and that your heart remains open – imagine living your life with the strength of your spirit infused throughout your entire body.

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