Spirituality... Science...? How about blending them together?

We believe that Spirit (energy) is the immaterial nature of our human consciousness. The part of our being that is in tune with our innate wisdom. A wisdom that is available to both our mind and heart.

We believe Science, the study of structure (matter), that offers us the opportunity to understand the biology of our behaviour.

The Will to Heal Technique, through the study of both energy and matter, empowers the conscious mind to evoke a healing that is both physical and spiritual. We believe that a convergence is taking place within each one of us. We are being challenged to feel the love that is within us rather than allowing ourselves to be dominated by our more earthly fears and concerns.

We offer you a technique that is easy to follow - we present free lessons followed by guided meditations that will connect you personally with the key learning objectives offered in each one of the free lessons.

Thank you for your interest in our work.
Blessings, Elise and Andrew

Mindful Musings of Dr. J

Installment Nine

Prior musings have focused on mindful attitudes as tools for mental health and stress management. These attitudes include non-judgmental acceptance, patience, curiosity and letting go. Mindfulness gives us the awareness and clarity to view challenging events as opportunities for creative, flexible problem-solving and personal growth. The mindful attitude of trust Read More

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Recent Blog Posting

Program Offers Relief From Chronic Pain

Publication: Massage Therapy Canada April 4, Barrie, ON – In spring 2011, pain sufferers will engage in the opportunity to learn how to manage their pain through the highly anticipated self-help visualization book and CDs, The Will to Heal Technique, A Guided Workbook to Relieve Pain. Creators, Andrew MacWha and Read More

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